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Business Terms & Conditions

1. Prison Law Courses & Advertising

2. Cancellation, Refunds, Returns & Delivery Policies

By purchasing our goods and services, or applying for advertising facilities in our publications, you agree to be bound by the following which we reserve the right to alter without prior notice at our sole discretion.

Prisons.Org.Uk Ltd (POUK) is committed to dealing with you in an honest, straightforward and transparent way. Our policy explains how we will do this.
1. PRISON LAW COURSES / What’s The Policy?
The Institute of Prison Law delivers accredited training in prison law by way of attended courses, web based courses
and distance learning packages. If you sign up and pay for an attended or web based course but cancel your
registration not less than 28 days before the event, in writing to customer.services@prisons.org.uk, and receive a
cancellation reference, your fee will be refunded minus an administration charge of £34.99. If you sign up for a
distance learning course but cancel your registration in writing to customer.services@prisons.org.uk, and receive a
cancellation reference before any course materials have been sent out to you, your fee will be refunded minus an
administration charge of £34.99.Cancellation less than 28 days before the event, or after dispatch of course
materials, will result in no refund of the course fees.
The Institute operates the Certificate of Competency in Prison Law, it is an eight-module course which must be paid
for in full prior to commencement – we do not offer a pay as you learn policy. The Course must be completed within
one year of registration, and the Certificate is awarded to those who complete the course by passing all eight
examinations with a minimum of 80% in each module. Accreditation is for one year whereupon a refresher webinar
must be completed annually – there are no further examinations only the attendance at a webinar. Further details of
the course and full terms and conditions are available from customer.services@prisons.org.uk


We reserve the right to refund any transaction at our complete discretion and without explanation. Nothwithstanding that we will generally only make a refund where we have made a mistake – and once we accept it is our fault we will move quickly to put things right. If we send you the wrong product, email customer.services@prisons.org.uk within 5 days of receipt. We will refund (credit) your card for the cost of the product plus postage, and debit your card when we send you the right product. We will advise you what to do with the wrong product.

3. CONFERENCE REFUNDS: What’s The Policy?

We will only make a refund where we we have received written notice of cancellation (sent tocancellations@prisons.org.uk). If this notice is received at this email address more than 28 days before the events takes place a refund will be issued within seven days minus 25%. Where the notice of cancellation is received at the cancellation email address less than 28 days before the event no refund is given but we will accept substiutions on the day. Cancellations sent to any email address other than the cancellations email address will not be actioned


If we send you a product which is damaged on delivery please call 0845 0660011 and we will give you instructions on how to proceed. We will arrange for the return of the damaged item at our expense, and re-supply you with a replacement product. If we discover on receipt the product is not damaged we reserve the right to return it to you and claim for postage in such an event.


UK orders for books can take upto 14 working days, though will often be much less. Books are sent out by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery – unless you select Special Delivery when ordering.

Once Royal Mail deliver (or attempts to deliver if the item is refused, or no one is at home to sign for it) on ONEoccasion only at the address to which we are authorised to deliver or attempt delivery, this fully and finally discharges our contractual obligation to deliver.

It is not our responsibility to ensure the book is accepted at the address to which we are asked to deliver it, nor to ensure someone is in the property to receive it – that is your responsibility because we have no control over these things – our obligation ends when delivery is made or attempted on one occasion only.

The status of a delivery or attempted delivery will be evidenced by the delivery status shown on the Royal Mail web site in relation to the recorded or special delivery tracking number relevant to the item concerned – if that status is disputed that is an issue for Royal Mail and the customer – it is not an issue we will become involved with. The Royal Mail status is definitive from our point of view on the subject of delivery.

Sometimes after an attempted delivery is made and no one collects the item from the Post Office, the Post Office might return the book to us. If the Post Office does return the book to us (and it is by no means certain they will and if they do it can take up to six months or more for them to do so) we will, on one more occasion, attempt redelivery on payment of the redelivery fee of 29.99 for UK mainland – you may however once we have received the book back from Royal Mail collect it from our Manchester distribution centre without payment of fee.


All application to advertise in our publications are submitted to us, and are only accepted by us, on the basis that advertisers agree that all the following conditions apply and that no departure from these conditions is validunless that departure is in writing and signed by a Director of PRISONS ORG UK LTD.

1. Cancellation of advertising: Other than in the case of fixed term contracts, which have special prices (see 1A below), we accept that situations dictate events and that things can change – accordingly we do not seek to hold you to long term, contracts and we provide an easy method of cancellation: In a Nutshell: you give us one’ edition’s notice of cancellation, in writing to our cancellation email box, (see below) and we will first of all automatically acknowledge that email and, secondly, then contact you within 24 hours to bring matters to a close; if we don’t contact you then you must contact us.

Reconciliation: We offer discount prices to those who book to advertise for longer periods however we also accept things can change – if you book multiple issues and later wish to reduce your order just give us a minimum of one edition’s written notice prior to publication and we’ll simply revise (reconcile) our invoices to reflect the number of editions in which your advert has appeared – no questions asked!

Example: If you book 12 adverts at £50 per month and cancel after four months you will have to pay the price difference between the 12 months you booked (and whose discount you enjoyed) and the price applicable to the four months in which your advert appeared – we do NOT require you to pay for the eight months going forward.

Strict Terms. Cancellation must be in writing to cancellations@prisons.org.uk, upon receipt we will automatically issue an acknowledgement and then contact you within 24 hours – if we have not contacted you within that period it is your responsibility to contact us and make us aware of it. We will then issue acancellation reference which is evidence of your accepted notice of cancellation – Cancellation without a Cancellation Reference is invalid.

In all cases cancellation of advertising is subject to one edition notice.

Upon cancellation it is your responsibility to cancel any bank mandates that you have with your bank to make payments to us – we do not operate a direct debit system and therefore the only way we can receive funds is by you instructing your bank to send it to us. If you fail to cancel the standing order mandate with your bank and as a consequence we continue to receive funds as a direct result of your failure to cancel we will refund such payments to you subject to a fee of 50% of each fee we receive and have to refund.

Artwork: Where the advertiser supplies the artwork it must be delivered to us in either Quark Xpress (.qxp), or hi res PDF (CMYK) and reach us a minimum of seven days before publication. If artwork supplied is not in an acceptable format, either technically or in terms of punctuality (ie is delivered late) we expressly reserve the right to substitute the artwork supplied for one supplied by us, without obtaining prior approval of the customer, at our sole discretion. In all such cases the substitute artwork will as a minimum display the name, address and contact details of the advertiser and other such information that we at our discretion consider positive and accurate.

Payment: No prior payment is required where the booking form is signed by a Partner, our terms are 14 days from publication: if payment is late we reserve the right to withdraw credit facilities and insist on payment prior to publication.

1A. Fixed term contracts. Normally our prices for advertising are those set out in our published ratecard however for sizes above a quarter page, and/or where fixed term contracts are agreed which may be at rates lower than those published, cancellation during the contract period is not allowed. Moreover fixed term contracts are subject to a minimum 90 day notice period on either side and unless notice of cancellation is given to cancellations@prisons.org.uk during this perod the contract will automatically roll over for a further fixed period at the same rate and subject again to a 90 day cancellation notice period.

2. Publication & Printing: all publication dates, for all publications, are approximate and non-binding.

Experience: Converse is successful because it recognises that prisoners have a legitimate expectation to professional representation, for firms that practice prison law we translate this into practice by only advertising firms who confirm that they either:
(a) have been awarded an LSC Prison Law Contract, or
(b) the person supervising prison law in their firm holds the Certificate of Competency in Prison Law (www.prisonlaw.org.uk) – by submitting this form you are confirming one or both of these apply to your application.
(For criminal law (ie non-prison law) firms you must hold an LSC Crime Francise)
I wish to advertise as detailed above and hereby agree to the full terms and conditions.

UK orders for books take 14 days, though will often be much less. Books are sent out by Royal Mail 1st Class recorded delivery – unless you select Special Delivery when ordering – signature of receipt at the address to which we are authorised to send the book fully and finally discharges our duty to deliver. Overseas orders for books can take 28 days but often much less

Where you are purchasing electronic items the sending by us to the email address provided when ordering fully and finally discharges our our duty to deliver.

Questions or queries?

Contact us on 08450 660011 during business hours,

email us customer.services@prisons.org.uk, or

write to us at PO Box 757 Stockport, SK2 9AS

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